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Etsy Finds! July 10, 2009

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In honor of my trip to the beach for a week (leaving in less than 48 hours!) I did a search on Etsy for “Beach Ball” to see what goods I could find. Of course my love for the beach stems from growing up in a Southern Californian, so I absolutley love everything beachy. I picked out my fav finds for today’s etsy loving!

This is a cute print, I could see this in a bathroom or a childs room. I love cool blue color and the waves in the back. At $ 25 for 6.5″ x 8.125″ print, not including the frame, its a pretty good deal …. or steal.


A necklace like this would take me back to to beach ball days everytime I wore it. I love that sea urchin is real and fresh off the shores of Turkey (my geography sucks, I didnt know Turkey has a shore) and of course silver is my favorite jewlery choice! $47 plus no shipping and handling…I would sitting on pins and needles just waiting for this to arrive!



I feel like this Etsy item hardly needs an introduction it’s so darn cute! $40 isnt to bad for a custom peice of art that has to do with food! Plus I am a huge fan of chips and dip.


A necklace like this one has such vintage charm, I wish bathing suits like this were still in style and that my thighs were just as lean! At $7.95 this charm is a steal!



Last, but certaintly not least is this Star Fish Pomander. This would make for great beachy wedding decor! $18 is all it costs, maybe the seller would give a bulk discount?



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