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Getting “Dingies” out of our products July 7, 2009

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The bike man and I are usually really healthy folks. We get more excercise in a week than most people do in a month, we keep our weight in check, go to the doctor for annuals (that would just be me), we eat lots and lots of fruits, veggies, fiber and lean proteins. We can be caught stretching, weight training and there is never a night that we dont sleep 8 hours or more. I would say compared to most our stress level is low, and we live very sensibly. However, our home is actually covered in little dingies (aka toxins). Recently on my fav blog “this young house”, they brought up the idea that little dingies are in our everyday products and how to avoid them. The thought of having to always make sure that every part of my life is dinngie free adds to much stress for me. So I looked at the things we use/do the most to see where easy changes can be made.

First and fore most we drink lots of water out of plastic water bottles (bpa, lurks in plastic) it took some searching to find water bottles for our bicycles that are bpa free and not to heavy (and cool enough for the bike man) but as it turned one of the bottles I recently bought is bpa free and its insulated for hot days! For other times not spent on a bike I bought a Nathan bottle at the local Dick’s (no I’m not turning dirty here) Sporting Goods Store for less than 20 smackaroos. It is reuseable and wont mold or get stinky since its stainless steel.


I have the one on the far left!


The next thing I thought of was my recent trip to Sam’s Club (you should remember this) we purchased like 150 ziplock baggies. I know, I know what a crime right! Those were my thoughts just days after the purchase. Not only do zip lock baggies clog landfills they also clog me with dingies! So while searching for non-plastic alternatives I found a place to get totally cute reuseable sandwich and snack baggies made from either organic or recycle fabric…on you guessed ETSY! There is velcro to close the sack and it is washable just in case of jelly mishaps! Here is the link that I loved most:


The next thing I thought of was our teflon nonstick pans. I have heard of the effects that Tefflon can cause for humans and how we need to switch. However, I did not hear this until after I registered and recieved a whole set of teflon pans. So me and the mister are saving for some eco friendly pots that can be purchased from Amazon or Crate and Barrel even!

Laundry is an everyday part of my life. Justin and I go through so much because of our active wear, work wear, going out wear and staying in wear. *Let me just take a moment to say that 90% of the laundry is the mister’s as crazy as this sounds, he doesnt get that jeans are wearable at least twice before being washed. Because our clothes often stink from our rides/runs/work outs I always add extra detergent (organic already!) and a lot of dryer sheets. AAAHHH, did you know all the damaging effects there are in a box of snuggle? With ingredients such as alpha-terpineol, benzyl acetate, camphor, benzyl alcohol, limonene, ethyl acetate, pentane, and chloroform who would want to add that to your life? So I found a ground breaking alternative. (emphasis on the “Ground Breaking” part) These can be made at home by lovely you or bought on….drumroll please…ETSY! They are Lavender Dryer Sachets found here:

By adding a little bit of vinegar to the rinse cycle (this helps with static cling) and a lavender sachet to the dryer your bound to have dingy free clothes that are better to snuggle up to. Also you can add a ball of aluminum foil to get rid of static if vinegar is not your style. Plus the sachets are too cute to pass up!


Another thing I checked in on has probablly made you think before too. Where does the water some from to fill the Nathan water bottle? Well we live on well water that isnt exactly the best tasting and since we dont own the place a new filter for the faucet or the well arent in the future. We had been using the Brita Water Pitcher with the changeable filter, I realized that it is also plastic. However after some research I found that it is actually BPA FREE! So keep using your water pitchers folks!

The last thing I contemplated is cleaning supplies. Having the worlds largest and dirtiest Lab requires lots of cleaning. I noticed how expensive organic cleaning supplies are so I found a website that helps instruct you through making easy cleaning supplies at home that under cost the regular cleaning supplies 1 out of 10. Here is the site for you to check out:


As most of you know I am really into not over spending on anything and saving money where possible. So here is my breakdown:

Nathan water bottles you fill up from home and save money on packs of water bottles. Plastic bottles last a long time in a landfill so chose your plastics wisely! Changing your plastic food containers is also a good idea but could add up at first. Just think how much easier it will be to heat up leftovers in glass rather than plastic that melts though.

Dryer sheets are actually expensive if you dont have a cupon so using a ball of foil or a dryer sachet saves money in the long run. Plus the cost of the sachets set cost less than a box of snuggles and it lasts longer. They also clog landfills! This change could cause problems for the dog since he loves to tear apart the dryer sheets when ever he hears the dryer open.

Sammy baggies cost do add up + they add up in a landfill so a reusable one saves the earth and your pocket! You could also reuse sandwich baggies which I did for awhile until one day I found 6 baggies in my purse.

Making your cleaning supplies saves (mop)buckets full of moolah too! They say to follow your nose, if the cleaning supplies are strong than they arent good for you, the alternatives are lighter on the lungs and the Coach purse.

These are the things that I felt ready to change at our house at this time. As we adjust we will add more to the array of dingy fighting alternatives. Even just a few changes to your life style could make you healthier as well as the earth!


One Response to “Getting “Dingies” out of our products”

  1. Maile West Says:

    Great blog Chels! Makes me realize how much we all take Mother Earth for granted. We may all know or not, some of us more than others that “dingies” are part of our everyday life & it takes real understanding & dedication to change our lives to make it a better place to live as well as a
    healthier life for ourselves. I will never think of a plastic water bottle the same. Thanks again for reminding us to change the minor things in life but most if all it make me realize that I need to rid my personal toxins AKA “dingies” too!!

    Ps. Loving the canvas baggies!

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