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Martha Stewart Craft of the day 6/6/2009 July 6, 2009

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Yeah, I’ll admit it. I recieve the Martha Stewart craft of the day (as well as the cookie of the day). I have made a few of the cookies (like the qunoia, apricot bar…mmmm), however I havent done a craft of the day. The craft in my inbox today was quite the cutie if you ask me. As most know I have the love of my life Ridley (a huge chocolate lab) and I’d do just about anything for him (it was only once I tied him to a tree cause he made me mad). So when this fun craft came across today I’d thought I’d share.


There really isnt a lot of supplies needed and the template is downloadable and printable. All you need is the shrinky dinks printable plastic sheets, scissors, ink in your printer and a hole punch. You might need a dog too! Here is the link So go Check, check, check it out and see, see, see whats it all about it!

ps-you might want to get past “old- its a good thing martha” or “jail bird- looks good with a tracking braclette martha” and sign up for emails ’cause they be purtty cool! Her cookies are always do-able even for me.


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