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Cake for the 4th July 5, 2009

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Sandra Lee would be so proud of my semi-homemade 4th of July Cake. Every holiday our bike crew goes on a long bike ride from Williamsburg to Yorktown so I dont have time to prepare much for family entertaining. So for a nice summer dessert thats easy to make I turn to my book of secret recipes ( This was so simple and so good for a nice light tasty dessert. I bought a premade shortcake, cool whip (in the tub), a can of cruched pineapple (dont drain), a box of instant vanilla pudding (dont make) and berries of your choice. So mix the cool whip, the pineapple and the box of pudding. Cut the shortcake in 2 (or 3 if your brave) and spread the mix +berries and then put the top half on and then cover the top of that with the cool whip mix and berries and call it a dessert. I assembled it at my parents so it wouldnt get all mussed up in the car it took really just minutes. It was really delicious! If I can say so myself it also looked patriotic. It prob cost less then 10 bucks to make and it makes 12 servings so thats less than 1 buck a person. It was perfectly semi homemade!

Those who know me well know that I am not known for my precise measurements when cooking and that ingredients are left out or subsittuted based on my own prefrences. This is prob why my love bug was found flushing my french onion soup down the toilet. So when recipies are simple and measurements are classified as “cans” or “tubs” its right up my alley.  I use to get a really good foodie magazine (kraft magazine) it only came 4 times a year. Since years of magazines just end up in a landfill you can check out easy (and healthy) recipies at,  there is a Budget Wi$e tab you should check out! Also they have a section where one can enter 3 ingredients that they already have and then can give you recommended recipies. The handy bike man and I are very simple and like to keep things simple so the recipies over at give us a flair at dinner but offers an easier way!


2 Responses to “Cake for the 4th”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    This dessert was really delicious! Light, fluffy, cool!

  2. Maile West Says:

    I see this recipe every summer & always forget to make it. Glad
    to know it is very simple & it looks so delish!

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