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Domesticated Recession-ista July 4, 2009

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So if being domesticated wasnt enough, being frugal is added to the charm. When the husband and I got hitched last year I recieved a great pottery barn duvet cover that I registered for. After raising an enormous dog-son, It has gotten some chews and holes (this is unfortunate). However if you can remember back a few posts ago I put up some super cute pics of a shabby chic ocean cottage. Well I found a very similar duvet cover on ( that looks just great! The picture of the cottage’s master bedroom has a tan damask duvet, and I found one that looks just like it. However, I went with the blue one…any who guess the price? *note* it came with 2 euro shams too! Ok I know it’s killing you….$39.99 + 1 buck to ship. Well I waited nearly on the edge of seat for it to arrive, and it did yesterday! Well after a splish and splash in the wash and dryer it is happily adding a much needed spark in our bedroom. I had found several others that I was going to go with @ West Elm and The Company Store but I am glad I didnt settle. GO ME!


2 Responses to “Domesticated Recession-ista”

  1. Maile West Says:

    Love it! That’s what I’m looking for but in black……I guess
    I’ll be paying overstock a visit. Thanks for doing all the reserch, you
    make so easy for your readers! Ps. how was dinner @ Dad/Suz’s??

  2. Zoe Says:

    Super cute!!! Now I picture some white furniture and some shells in there somewhere…

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