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My secret love blog…. July 1, 2009

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headerbg_tyh5094  I have a blog stocking problem. My huge obsession started with an article   that I orginally found in The Nest magazine about a young couple who turned their old brick rancher into a dream home with some serious sweat equity. There isnt an inch of their home they havent transformed and they are very qwirky as well. The live pretty locally (Richmond, VA) so when they shop around here its easy to find what they are liking. They already have a huge blog following as well as offer design services. The blog is This Young House As an introduction the folks who run it are John and Sherry Petersik. With the offerings of inexpensive decorating advice plus give aways for some fab swag they were an instant hit to me. I have sent 2 emails to the duo with some small questions about painting, organizing ect and have had 2 quick and delightful resonses. As a Domesticated Diva I really recommend checking these cool twenty somethings out cause I think they are rocking! They have even been on Rate My Space on HGTV…um, how cool is that. Day to day I look forward to what they are gonna post and they never fail to delight me! So go on and check them out, you might as well add ’em to your fav’s!


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