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Family Dinner! July 1, 2009

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Last Friday I had the Family over for dinner to celebrate a late Father’s Day. I wanted to prepare an easy meal that envolved a few things I already had in the pantry plus a few healthy staples  ie: veggies! So I made my Super Easy Baked Pasta Dish!

Bag of Pasta (I choose Whole Wheat)

Jar of Pasta Sauce ( I went with a plain marinara sauce)

Tub of LF Ricotta Cheese

Chopped fresh spinach and Basil

Grated Zuchini


and a bag of Motzarella Cheese.

Boil the Pasta, Mix all ingredients (minus the tomatos and Motzarella cheese in a bowl), Place in a GREASED baking dish top with sliced tomatos (or not- your choice) and cover with cheese. Place in the oven at 350F for 45-60 minutes, if cheese starts to brown or burn cover with foil.

I served it with a tossed mix salad, a home made punch and fococcia bread. I dont have a fresh from the oven picture up because I didnt want to make you drool, but belive me it was a hit! Justin and I had the left overs on Sunday night and added a wee bit of evoo just to make seem fresh again and it was good! Even though it was a realy hot day the meal really was not too heavy. (Sorry the kitchen is soooo ugly- now you understand my urge to move!) As soon as my guests arrived I had fresh glasses with ice and cut lemons, and my mom brought the Diet Coke! I love having the family over for meals and this way I could pack the must needed veggies in unlike a restraunt. I served my meals on regular plates so to not fill the land fills up with paperplates. Haley brought a awesome desert which I will need the recipe to share!


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