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Summer body in 2 weeks- shoulda started in May! June 30, 2009

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I love the “shine”  ( link on my main yahoo! page. There are always quick read articles about diets, fashion, food, money, family ect… Well in todays there was an article written by the editor in cheif of prevention magazine about getting your body bikini ready in just 2 weeks. I am sure the article was for size 2 women aiming to be a size 0, but it did have some quick ways to burn off the stick of sugar free gum! Here is the link;_ylt=As4QE2z6AUsFl0cq19zM5vb7f6U5.

The question was “can you loose 12 pounds in 14 days” and there answer was a painstaking YES! Most Registered Dietitans only recomend loosing 1-2 pounds a week. One pound of fat is 3,500 calories, so by cutting or burning (or a combo of both) 500 calories a day (500×7=3,500) you can loose a pound a week. Now six pounds a week (3,500×6= 21,000) is cutting or burning 3,000 calories a day. Now sure cutting out double double cheese burgers and soda might help a bit but unless you want to endeavor one of our 3 hour training rides and not eat anything all day for 14 days than maybe you should look into the Special K diet. The article does give a few good tips, like sit ups before bed, tonning your rear and having sexy arms and boosting your protein but dont get your head set on a huge poundage decrease in 2 weeks. Starting a healthy eating and excercise plan is key but not depervation! If you took away my food I would have a hissy fit! As a young wife I try to stay sexy for my beau but men dont like women who order a salad! Read the article and make your own judgements but remember moderation is key and sexy women have sexy curves.


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