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Buying in BULK June 28, 2009

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Recently Justin and I invested in a Sam’s Club Membership. As a Domesticated Diva the thought of not running out of toilet paper while on the toilet or peanut butter while making sandwich simply excites me. Seeing how we are always super busy we finally got a chance to go and do some shopping. You would of thought we have never seen food before when we entered. As we stood at the desk waiting for the picture to be taken the thrill of buying in bulk was really setting in. Before we made it to the food we strolled past the stainless steal appliances, the 900 feet televisions and the shiny diamond jewlery. We checked the prices on the ipods, the front loading washer and dryer and the grills made for a grilling king (this wouldn’t be Justin). We finally made our way to the snacks and thats when the prices set in. Even though it was an abundance of food I was unwilling to drop so much money on food that will go bad quickly. Justin was throwing in $20 boxes of power bars and $25 things of laundry soaps. My cheapskate anxiety came quickly as I was mentally adding up the cart contents. Why would we need 5lbs of cheese or the largest bag of tortilla chips I have ever seen? I decided to call a Raynes family huddle. I explained to Justin my concern of spending $200 on a lot of a few things. Justin explained to me that these were his “staples” and for the next month all we would need is produce from the farmers market. I certaintly hope they start selling tampons at the farmers market as well as milk thats been pasturized. Our grand total when we left was $136 and we walked out with 50 rolls of toilet paper (for a family of 2, and only one uses is to wipe for a number 1), 5 pounds of cheese, 8 pounds of chicken, 30 power bars and 90 cans of soda. As I contained my frazzled hair and relaxed my stressed forehead wrinkles I sat back in the car feeling good to know my husbands “staples” have been taken care of for the month and I am glad I can ignore my grocery store duties for a month and I will deff remind him of this. In all my glory of shopping and getting rid of the burning holes in our pockets Justin decided to stop at Food Lion because he wanted to get some grits for breakfast, hmmm”staples” huh?


3 Responses to “Buying in BULK”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    I told you! At least I know who to call for toilet paper if I get caught on the toytoy without any….

  2. Zoe Says:

    Sams Club and Costco places are so dangerous. We went in to buy toilet paper and paper towels and came out with markers and printer ink and scissors, and dvd box sets, and temperature clocks… that place totally sucks you in. And really, it does get expensive even though you are buying things in bulk. It’s still a lot of money to put out up front, so I 100% understand your frazzledness! 🙂

  3. Annette Says:

    Bulk buying is best when you pool your money with neighbors and friends and go in on it together. We buy in huge bulk with friends and neighbors and enjoy prices far under even the warehouse “bulk” stores. But we buy direct from big suppliers, farmers or distributors. Works great if you know how. There are no storage issues because we are splitting up the shipment as soon as it arrives, and there is far less packaging, spoilage and waste. We also split the cost of many durable items and equipment and share them through a kind of checkout system. Lower costs, less clutter, transportation, packaging and waste… Highly recommended – I just started a blog about it.

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