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I love FREE! June 26, 2009

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Free, no gimicks, no tricks, no shipping and no handling. I had heard (saw an HGTV commercial) that Glidden paint was giving 1 quart of paint of a color of your choice! You go online ( and scroll to the bottom and click on the “details” button in the FREE (yes absolutley FREE) button. You pick your color, its a big variety to choose from too! Put in your shipping info and in 3-4 weeks your paint will come! I choose “Wild Truffle”, and then “Justin chose” Bronzed Ivy. I want to repaint some furniture to be a dark brown. I am thinking maybe my mom should order one for me to?!?! HHHmmmm, I can think of a million things to paint.

What kinda projects do have filed in the back of your mind? Any major renovations, painting of furniture or just plain ol’ moving around furniture? My home needs an overhaul (this means we need to pack our crap and leave).


One Response to “I love FREE!”

  1. Maile West Says:

    Hey…………………….I saw this advertised last night. I need to put my order in for my new room!

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