Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

A day of Deals… June 26, 2009

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So if you listened to my advice before than you will already know my find for this blog. Of course I am talking about Etsy. If you signed up for the daily ETSY emails than you should know that this weekend they are offering some good deals on jewlery. Of course every Domesticated Diva has to look beautiful for their beau so maybe use these deals to help dorn your already good looks with some bling. Here is the link:

Some artists are offering free shippping, some are offering free somethings with any purchase.  Just check it out yourself. Now next weekend is the 4th so there will prob be tons of sales and specials next weekend- hmmm maybe it will be time for my pottery barn couch?

This weekend will be a nice slow one for our family. I am off today, and tom and a local race on sunday! I am having the family over for dinner tonight and maybe I will even divulge my secret recipes for the big meal!


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