Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

wait what? i didnt hear you? etsy again? June 25, 2009

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Etsy never fails to impress me. Or wait, the peps on etsy never fail to impress me. I have always had a thing for pottery, even my dishes look hand thrown so when this weeks feature seller was a pottery person i was purtty excited to read her interview (which you can here: On top of all the greatness of oogling her goodies (dont be dirty, i meant her art), I realized her prices are supper affordable, especially compared to most pottery peps artsy fartsy peices. I took pottery in high school and really loved it, now most of pottery is already made and i just paint it over at color me mine, or paint on pottery too!

Here is the link to her great Etsy shop:

By the way who knows, maybe i will be my next favorite etsy person!


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