Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

Since I am a women June 25, 2009

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…..I can be fickle. When it comes to decorating I am always changing my mind about what I love best. That being said, I tend to always stick with beachy because I was born and raised on the beach in So Cal. I love blues and greens with punches of pink, and a good tan always looks good with white linens. So when I was looking around today I found the Costal Living Idea house from 2008. Who says you have to have a house on the beach to have a costal home? I believe a little bit of te beach belongs in every home. I know I know, i have yet to anything with our “unity sand” from the wedding (Iam just unsettled in our crappy bungalow home). I think it is the white walls in this house that really grabbed me since I am surrounded by brown paneling ECK! But that is about to change, we are trying to buy a home but we hate living here so we found an apartment we are gonna move to (maybe in August or October- depends on the racing schedule). Any who…I will be outa here like John was outa of his marriage with Kate! Here are the pics that are soooo cute!


Isnt it great! I just love it. Even if I am a color on the walls kinda person these pictures are kick you in the nuts crazy. I guess its just yearning for the beach like Courtney Love yearns crack, but I am ready for a house of my own. So take the virtual tour why dont you: , just dont be jealous when it becomes my house-oh sorry I am married “our” house. But my new pillows from Etsy ( will match this decor- I am just not sure when my pottery barn ( couch will arrive with my sexy west elm (  chair.


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