Domesticated Bliss (or miss)….

Because not every women was born domesticated

cause there aint no cure for the summertime blues June 25, 2009

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Good ol’ Alan Jackson said it loud and clear, in his old hit. There really aint no cure, I have been begging mother nature to turn off winter and crank up the heat for months. As a matter a fact I do believe global warming did not hit this year, or at least completley missed over the Williamsburg region. Winter was really long this year and exteptionally cold. Anywho back to summer, now it is summer and I feel like I dont have the time to apprecitate it at all. I do wear a summery dress just about everyday (i sit an office so no onw sees me), I am either on my bike for hours or running with the sun on my face, but I feel like I havent really worshiped the sun and the hot weather like I should have yet. Now that the summer solistice has come and left, the days will be getting shorter and shorter and pretty soon my good ol days of summer will be just a distant memory. I remember the days of my childhood summers, thay were spent on the lawn of our house slip and sliding or eating those popsciles that come in only 3 flavors, or running around the yard (i couldnt cross the street) with neighbors. My days were long and summer really was endless. However in the hustle and bustle of “times gone old” I forget to just take it slow. So on a recent walk with Ridley I let him stop and sniff and I didnt try to hurry him, or explain that we were excercising. We just slowly walked along trail with no where to go. All of the sudden  the entire bush hurled at him with the sound of a million leaves shaking and he jumped so high in the air I am sure he saw the empire state building. Then it happened again. So because my curosity got the best of me, I got a long stick and pushed the bush aside and realized it was a copper head snake! Oh boy, let me tell you snakes are the scariest animals next to sharks. However, I have been in search to see a copper head. Poor Ridley, he really is scared of everything, but next time he wants to stop and sniff we will be in more of a hurry.

Well, the 4th of July is coming, this is one of my most favorite holidays. In 2 weeks we will be leaving for the beach which I am super excited for! So summer, as I pop the top of my Sprite Zero and I grill my tofu dog and stuff my face cucumber salad this is to you friend, this is to you!


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