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Because not every women was born domesticated

my lightbulb is blinking June 24, 2009

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So today I recieved an email from Michelle Obama. It was written directly to me with my name and all. She was asking for me to dedicate my time blah, blah, blah. Anyways not that I dont have time to dedicate to helping others its just that i do it in my own time. I always hold the door for folks when entering and exiting stores, I always smile and give a cherrie greeting to most, I even helped a lady the other day who knocked over a display at the grocery store with her baby stroller. I have been thinking of ways I can dedicate my time and help others, i know this will make me feel better inside. So in part of wanting a better more fufilling life i am going to look for ways to help others, this dosent mean i will become a volunteer firefighter because it could chip my toenail polish, but maybe bake goodies for the firefighters (i read about this on one my fav blogs). If any of my 2 readers have any ideas please let me know. Michelle also quoted Thomas Edison (note the lightbulb title), ” oppurtunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. This really seemed to sink into me. I want great things for myself, as matter a fact i feel that great things will happen, its just that i need some osk gosh overalls and get to work! Sometimes the couch and the tv look all to good to me and once i pop a squat i dont want to move, but for crying outloud chelsea….get to work. I think back to a bible story about “talents”- that god gives us talents and we need to work with them. God didnt give a voice to sing or a body to model but he gave me a great mind and intellect (minus the spelling thingy) plus a great attitude and i am thankful enough for that (even though i would of taken the model body). so in the up coming weeks my goals are gonna be set and hopefully you will be there for my journey (like the indiana jones ride @ disney land)!