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Houses Houses Houses Galore! June 22, 2009

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The hubs and I were down in Davidson, North Carolina this weekend for a race! The town was absoulutley adorable and quaint. Main st was really “Main st” and the houses were perfect. There was a mix of old and new in the town that made it very desirable to live in. The towns main economy must be made by the tourism brought in by the big Lake Norman that was full of boats, skiers and tubers. We choose a few houses that seemed perfect for our taste to show off here! Some of the pics are blurry because we were driving the city wide 25 mhp, and also because yours truly dosent have the fastest finger and would never when in a shoot out.  The website to visit the area is posted here: I really recommend it, there were great places to eat, shop and stay plus it deff fits into a recessionista’s budget!



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