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in for steak? June 19, 2009

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Ok I wont lie, I am deff a pajama girl. As soon as I come home from a long day (or a short one) I go right for my jamies. I love long tshirts and loose shorts big baggy sweats and tank tops with arm holes so big everything hangs out. Luckily for us we rarely have guests and I am not well endowed. So since of course I am a newly wed a few months ago I decided to vamp up my pj’s wardrobe. Those who know me know I am no “sex kitten”, but I have turned to casual nighties and cute cami outfits. Most of the ones I have are less than ten bucks and they make me feel like a million bucks, or maybe at least more than a ten dollar hooker. I especially love to wear them in this heat, since our humble abode lacks air conditioning, and I love to wear them to bed because its alomost like …. well, um naked! So now instead of my husband going out for the bacon he can stay home and have steak!!


So knowing that my new husband just loves seeing me prance around making dinner in next to nothing I asked him the other night…”Honey, do you notice that I have been dressing sexier around the house in my little outfits?” he answered “I just thought you were hot since we have no A/C”, I was a little shocked, but now I know and at least I am being sexy for me.


One Response to “in for steak?”

  1. Zoe Says:

    don’t be shocked, men are clueless.

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