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fathers day! (this sunday by the way) June 18, 2009

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So this father’s day Justin and I will be in North Carolina for a race, however I found some great gifts the father’s in our lives! For the first time this year I have 2 fathers to lavish with goodies and love! However, Justin and I are poor so our gifts are gonna be a bit milder (like first place finishes at the race?) Anywho here are the gifts I am loving for fathers day this year! So wish us luck, or broken legs for the race this weekend- it’s a big one!


2 Responses to “fathers day! (this sunday by the way)”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    hello! It’s Chelsea’s mom, her #1 reader here at domesticated bliss…anyway I see that she has posted a pic of a very lovely edible fruit arrangement and I thought I would share the fact that these are really quite fun and easy to make yourself. I tried it out, learned a few tricks along the way and got huge raves from the crowd….if anyone is interested in learning how to construct a beautiful and much more affordable (looks and tastes exactly the same) do-it-yourself fruit arrangement, let Chelsea know here at Domesticated Bliss and we will put together a tutorial with pictures!

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