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More etsy greatness! June 18, 2009

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Ok so more on my super duper love (like a fat boy loves cake) etsy. One of my favorite jewlery makers is makepienotwar

heres the link

I bought the miami vice has a girlfriend necklace, and i love it!

These are great since vintage is soooo in, not that i would know since my husband thinks i have no style, (i do have a blog about that in the works). If you havent browsed over to etsy take the chance friends!



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Ok I really love etsy, it is my dream job to make things and sell them on etsy. What you might ask…well damit read my blog, i made foot scrub for crying OUTLOUD! Anywho, everyday I look over etsy…oh wait time out…for those who dont know etsy, it is a website dedicated to those who make things and sell them, vintage stuff and the raw goods to make the other stuff to sell. .. ok back to me, just simply sign up for there emails and daily you get a dose of flea market, craft show and artistry fun! So today I bought some pillow covers, they are super duper cute and now I have to redo my chair they will sit on. But what I really have to say is that the seller/maker of these great pillows has awesome deals and the cutest stuff. One day when Justin and I purchase our very first (non-hamy-down, as opposed to handme down) couch I will buy more pillows to ornament it! But here is the link for cute, inexpensive pillows.


And when you pick your jaw up off the desk because of the adorable patterns, allow your mouse guiding hand to take you to etsy and browse the coolest stuff ever. I have bought vintage jewlery and other stuff…anywho I wonder if my foot scrub would sell, women often have funky high heel feet!


fathers day! (this sunday by the way)

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So this father’s day Justin and I will be in North Carolina for a race, however I found some great gifts the father’s in our lives! For the first time this year I have 2 fathers to lavish with goodies and love! However, Justin and I are poor so our gifts are gonna be a bit milder (like first place finishes at the race?) Anywho here are the gifts I am loving for fathers day this year! So wish us luck, or broken legs for the race this weekend- it’s a big one!