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Scrub a dub…. June 15, 2009

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So this weekend I made some srcub for my feet with stuff straight from my kitchen. It worked wonders and made my feet feel so soft and look so good. I also used it on my face which worked really good as well. Since those who know me-know I dont measure things if you wanna try to make it there is no exact recipie just go for it. The ingredients are really simple: brown sugar, salt, oatmeal, evoo and vanilla extract. I used salt instead of white sugar so i wouldnt eat it while in the shower! I put it in a cute container and it needs to be left in the fridge which is great for a hot day on worn tired feet. I think this makes a great gift to!!


5 Responses to “Scrub a dub….”

  1. Chelsea's Mom Says:

    are you scheduling pedicures? I would like to book one, very soon!

  2. Zoe Says:

    This is fabulous Chelsea! I would love to make this! I have a couple questions:

    What kind of oatmeal did you use?
    Can I use white sugar instead of salt? What will the difference be?
    Any kind of EVOO and vanilla extract?

    • domesticatedbliss Says:

      hey hey zoe! i just used reg oatmeal a container is cheaper then a box of packets and that is what we eat here! but if you have the packets they work fine too. also the diff between white sugar and salt is not much, salt burns open wounds thoug so my next batch will be with sugar. and of course i buy store brand cheap-o evoo and vanilla!! i think you’ll love this it smells so great and really is the best foot scrub i have ever used.

      • Zoe Says:

        Can you tell me how much of each ingredient you put in??

      • domesticatedbliss Says:

        I dont know exactly, but i am already out of scrub so i am making it again and this time i will do the actuall measuring! SO i will let youknow sooooon!

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