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Wet Gum Story June 12, 2009

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I am not sure what this story makes of me. Either I am incredibly laid back and non chalant, not true….or I have just learned to completley laugh everything off and not let it bother me…hhhmm, well maybe. Or in the great words of my brother Kanye West “That that that that dont kill you only makes you stronger”…. Well the wet gum didnt kill me but I am now invincible to almost anything! Those who dont know, my hubby and I have a son named Ridley. He is now 9 months old and completley runs our home. He is already topping the scales at 90-100lbs and sheds his lovely hairs everywhere. He sometimes has accidents in the house. This is one of those times. So one Sunday Justin and I took Ridley to the dock to help him be a professional dog jumper after sticker. When he swims his belly gets really full with water. After we got home the Ridl’s and I took a nap and during his nap he had a little pee on the counch in his sleep. Therefore, we are in the market for a new slipcover. After we woke up I knew he had to pee again but I really had to go so I ran to bathroom to go and at the wipping stage I heard him releave his bladder by the door. So I jumped up after the pull up pants stage and he was peeing on the wall by the door. My purse was near there but it didnt appear to be in the line of fire. I cleaned up his pee mess and didnt think another thing about it. The next day at work I reached for some gum and noticed it seemed moist, nothing more than what a hot car can do though. So I chewed the gum….and it tasted funny. So I ate like 5 more and all tasted funny, but I kept chewing the gums…waste not want not. So at soem point I picked up my purse and realized it was a little moist on the bottom. I smelled it – and of course it was pee smelling. That day alot of my things were tossed in the trash because they were pee smelling and moist. Then it dawned on me, OMG! My gum was pee gum! Ew gross! This stuff only happens to me, but really I was not that grossed out. Maybe living with just boys now for the last 9 months has wilted my senses of being feminine. Who knows? I have my gross guy moments and sometimes I feel like I have turned into Justin. There may be hope for me yet.

So this weekend we have no race at all! No traveling…nada niente (oh it’s bilingual friday) so being in need of rest and relaxation, I am going to do an at home spa for myself. I found some great recipes for scrubs and masks and everything is already in my kitchen! I will let you know how it goes- but when I am done I might look like Gwenyth Paltrow!

Ridley and me when he was just a pup

Ridley and me when he was just a pup


2 Responses to “Wet Gum Story”

  1. Suzanne West Says:

    Everytime I think about the “wet gum” incident I find myself gagging! I think Ridley is good preparation for having children!

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