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Frankly June 11, 2009

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So frankly …. my life is topsy turvy and inside out all the time. However, it is a great life. My husband and I were married last year and until now I have pushing away my domestic responsibilites. So I have started a blog (adventure) so express myself creativley! If anyone ever reads this they will know a few things about me:

1. I cant spell at all

2. I am a jock

3. I am creative

4. I am unorganized and totally wacky

My husband is a pro mountain biker and we travel all over the united states for races. I races for the last few years and now do an occasional race due to my recovery efforts from a broken foot in jan…we currently live in a hole in the wall out in the country with a 100 lb puppy, litterally! We are active and busy, but my life is about to change (NO I am NOT PREGNANT). I am trying to become a happier more fufilled person plus a great wife. I want to become organized and a more effcient person! Here comes my life!


2 Responses to “Frankly”

  1. Maile West Says:

    Love it Sis! Looking forward to reading more about your married, chaotic, 100lb dog, bike racing oh & I forgot working life. Have a great day, miss ya!!

  2. Suzanne West Says:

    Perhaps your readers would enjoy the story about the “wet” gum…

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