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Summer body in 2 weeks- shoulda started in May! June 30, 2009

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I love the “shine”  ( link on my main yahoo! page. There are always quick read articles about diets, fashion, food, money, family ect… Well in todays there was an article written by the editor in cheif of prevention magazine about getting your body bikini ready in just 2 weeks. I am sure the article was for size 2 women aiming to be a size 0, but it did have some quick ways to burn off the stick of sugar free gum! Here is the link;_ylt=As4QE2z6AUsFl0cq19zM5vb7f6U5.

The question was “can you loose 12 pounds in 14 days” and there answer was a painstaking YES! Most Registered Dietitans only recomend loosing 1-2 pounds a week. One pound of fat is 3,500 calories, so by cutting or burning (or a combo of both) 500 calories a day (500×7=3,500) you can loose a pound a week. Now six pounds a week (3,500×6= 21,000) is cutting or burning 3,000 calories a day. Now sure cutting out double double cheese burgers and soda might help a bit but unless you want to endeavor one of our 3 hour training rides and not eat anything all day for 14 days than maybe you should look into the Special K diet. The article does give a few good tips, like sit ups before bed, tonning your rear and having sexy arms and boosting your protein but dont get your head set on a huge poundage decrease in 2 weeks. Starting a healthy eating and excercise plan is key but not depervation! If you took away my food I would have a hissy fit! As a young wife I try to stay sexy for my beau but men dont like women who order a salad! Read the article and make your own judgements but remember moderation is key and sexy women have sexy curves.


Buying in BULK June 28, 2009

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Recently Justin and I invested in a Sam’s Club Membership. As a Domesticated Diva the thought of not running out of toilet paper while on the toilet or peanut butter while making sandwich simply excites me. Seeing how we are always super busy we finally got a chance to go and do some shopping. You would of thought we have never seen food before when we entered. As we stood at the desk waiting for the picture to be taken the thrill of buying in bulk was really setting in. Before we made it to the food we strolled past the stainless steal appliances, the 900 feet televisions and the shiny diamond jewlery. We checked the prices on the ipods, the front loading washer and dryer and the grills made for a grilling king (this wouldn’t be Justin). We finally made our way to the snacks and thats when the prices set in. Even though it was an abundance of food I was unwilling to drop so much money on food that will go bad quickly. Justin was throwing in $20 boxes of power bars and $25 things of laundry soaps. My cheapskate anxiety came quickly as I was mentally adding up the cart contents. Why would we need 5lbs of cheese or the largest bag of tortilla chips I have ever seen? I decided to call a Raynes family huddle. I explained to Justin my concern of spending $200 on a lot of a few things. Justin explained to me that these were his “staples” and for the next month all we would need is produce from the farmers market. I certaintly hope they start selling tampons at the farmers market as well as milk thats been pasturized. Our grand total when we left was $136 and we walked out with 50 rolls of toilet paper (for a family of 2, and only one uses is to wipe for a number 1), 5 pounds of cheese, 8 pounds of chicken, 30 power bars and 90 cans of soda. As I contained my frazzled hair and relaxed my stressed forehead wrinkles I sat back in the car feeling good to know my husbands “staples” have been taken care of for the month and I am glad I can ignore my grocery store duties for a month and I will deff remind him of this. In all my glory of shopping and getting rid of the burning holes in our pockets Justin decided to stop at Food Lion because he wanted to get some grits for breakfast, hmmm”staples” huh?


A day of Deals… June 26, 2009

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So if you listened to my advice before than you will already know my find for this blog. Of course I am talking about Etsy. If you signed up for the daily ETSY emails than you should know that this weekend they are offering some good deals on jewlery. Of course every Domesticated Diva has to look beautiful for their beau so maybe use these deals to help dorn your already good looks with some bling. Here is the link:

Some artists are offering free shippping, some are offering free somethings with any purchase.  Just check it out yourself. Now next weekend is the 4th so there will prob be tons of sales and specials next weekend- hmmm maybe it will be time for my pottery barn couch?

This weekend will be a nice slow one for our family. I am off today, and tom and a local race on sunday! I am having the family over for dinner tonight and maybe I will even divulge my secret recipes for the big meal!


I love FREE!

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Free, no gimicks, no tricks, no shipping and no handling. I had heard (saw an HGTV commercial) that Glidden paint was giving 1 quart of paint of a color of your choice! You go online ( and scroll to the bottom and click on the “details” button in the FREE (yes absolutley FREE) button. You pick your color, its a big variety to choose from too! Put in your shipping info and in 3-4 weeks your paint will come! I choose “Wild Truffle”, and then “Justin chose” Bronzed Ivy. I want to repaint some furniture to be a dark brown. I am thinking maybe my mom should order one for me to?!?! HHHmmmm, I can think of a million things to paint.

What kinda projects do have filed in the back of your mind? Any major renovations, painting of furniture or just plain ol’ moving around furniture? My home needs an overhaul (this means we need to pack our crap and leave).


Since I am a women June 25, 2009

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…..I can be fickle. When it comes to decorating I am always changing my mind about what I love best. That being said, I tend to always stick with beachy because I was born and raised on the beach in So Cal. I love blues and greens with punches of pink, and a good tan always looks good with white linens. So when I was looking around today I found the Costal Living Idea house from 2008. Who says you have to have a house on the beach to have a costal home? I believe a little bit of te beach belongs in every home. I know I know, i have yet to anything with our “unity sand” from the wedding (Iam just unsettled in our crappy bungalow home). I think it is the white walls in this house that really grabbed me since I am surrounded by brown paneling ECK! But that is about to change, we are trying to buy a home but we hate living here so we found an apartment we are gonna move to (maybe in August or October- depends on the racing schedule). Any who…I will be outa here like John was outa of his marriage with Kate! Here are the pics that are soooo cute!


Isnt it great! I just love it. Even if I am a color on the walls kinda person these pictures are kick you in the nuts crazy. I guess its just yearning for the beach like Courtney Love yearns crack, but I am ready for a house of my own. So take the virtual tour why dont you: , just dont be jealous when it becomes my house-oh sorry I am married “our” house. But my new pillows from Etsy ( will match this decor- I am just not sure when my pottery barn ( couch will arrive with my sexy west elm (  chair.


cause there aint no cure for the summertime blues

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Good ol’ Alan Jackson said it loud and clear, in his old hit. There really aint no cure, I have been begging mother nature to turn off winter and crank up the heat for months. As a matter a fact I do believe global warming did not hit this year, or at least completley missed over the Williamsburg region. Winter was really long this year and exteptionally cold. Anywho back to summer, now it is summer and I feel like I dont have the time to apprecitate it at all. I do wear a summery dress just about everyday (i sit an office so no onw sees me), I am either on my bike for hours or running with the sun on my face, but I feel like I havent really worshiped the sun and the hot weather like I should have yet. Now that the summer solistice has come and left, the days will be getting shorter and shorter and pretty soon my good ol days of summer will be just a distant memory. I remember the days of my childhood summers, thay were spent on the lawn of our house slip and sliding or eating those popsciles that come in only 3 flavors, or running around the yard (i couldnt cross the street) with neighbors. My days were long and summer really was endless. However in the hustle and bustle of “times gone old” I forget to just take it slow. So on a recent walk with Ridley I let him stop and sniff and I didnt try to hurry him, or explain that we were excercising. We just slowly walked along trail with no where to go. All of the sudden  the entire bush hurled at him with the sound of a million leaves shaking and he jumped so high in the air I am sure he saw the empire state building. Then it happened again. So because my curosity got the best of me, I got a long stick and pushed the bush aside and realized it was a copper head snake! Oh boy, let me tell you snakes are the scariest animals next to sharks. However, I have been in search to see a copper head. Poor Ridley, he really is scared of everything, but next time he wants to stop and sniff we will be in more of a hurry.

Well, the 4th of July is coming, this is one of my most favorite holidays. In 2 weeks we will be leaving for the beach which I am super excited for! So summer, as I pop the top of my Sprite Zero and I grill my tofu dog and stuff my face cucumber salad this is to you friend, this is to you!


wait what? i didnt hear you? etsy again?

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Etsy never fails to impress me. Or wait, the peps on etsy never fail to impress me. I have always had a thing for pottery, even my dishes look hand thrown so when this weeks feature seller was a pottery person i was purtty excited to read her interview (which you can here: On top of all the greatness of oogling her goodies (dont be dirty, i meant her art), I realized her prices are supper affordable, especially compared to most pottery peps artsy fartsy peices. I took pottery in high school and really loved it, now most of pottery is already made and i just paint it over at color me mine, or paint on pottery too!

Here is the link to her great Etsy shop:

By the way who knows, maybe i will be my next favorite etsy person!